Timothy C. Parlatore is the founder and Managing Partner of Parlatore Law Group. His practice is focused on white-collar defense, investigations, and civil litigation. An imposing advocate, both in and out of the courtroom, Mr. Parlatore has successfully handled a myriad of complex criminal and civil cases across many jurisdictions. Mr. Parlatore has proved time and again that he performs best under pressure and in high-profile cases.

Throughout his career, Mr. Parlatore has handled an interesting and eclectic variety of matters, initially rising to prominence through his representations of the former Police Commissioner of New York City, the men who parachuted from the World Trade Center, and organized crime figures. Though already well-known, he skyrocketed to worldwide recognition through his successful defense of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher on war crimes accusations. Other current representative matters include large scale securities fraud, insider trading, mortgage fraud, money laundering and racketeering.


Timothy Parlatore is a US Navy Veteran and a friend to the First Responder, Military and Veteran Community... Mr. Parlatore and his team bring an essence of Trust, Personal Integrity and Commitment to the legal battlefield. In this day and age, the harsh reality is this...At some point in time, you are going to NEED a Great Attorney... Be sure to call Timothy Parlatore and his team... Before the other guy does! Your Case is Their Commitment!


(Entertainment law/civil litigation client)

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